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Finance News

Gov’t loan for micro, small enterprises to reopen on 17 August

SB Corporation will reopen its loan application starting 17 August to help micro and small enterprises affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wet Market in Davao, Philippines
Finance News

Gov’t loan program for micro, small business starts loan release

As part of government’s goal to help businesses recover, the Small Business (SB) Corporation has released a total of P22 million loans under the CARES program.

Business loan

DTI eyes to disburse P1-B loan to micro, small businesses by end of July

To help micro and small enterprises continue their businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic, DTI is targeting to complete the disbursement of Php 1 billion worth of loans

6 things you need to deal with when you fail to pay your loans

6 things you need to deal with when you fail to pay your loans

Learn about the consequences and possible scenarios that you have to face if you fail to pay
your loans.

Business owners negotiating for types of business loans

Types of business loans for startups in the Philippines

If you need a hand in securing a steady cash flow amidst the crisis, here are five types of loans that you can avail to sustain your business.

Young entrepreneur managing finances

5 practical tips to handle your finances during COVID-19 crisis

In these trying times, we want you to know that you are not alone. Here are some tips to handle your finances during the COVID-19 crisis.

Stretch the cash

How you can stretch your cash amid COVID-19 pandemic

Before you hold back your plans, it’s time for you to know the different ways to stay afloat and survive this challenging time.


6 Financial Tips to Become a Successful Entrepreneurs

To spend more time with my familyTo get out of the rat raceTo pursue my passionTo have freedom and earn more Sounds familiar, right? These


5 smart ways to prepare for a financial emergency

Here are some efficient ways to prepare for financial emergencies. RFC has an emergency fund loan to tackle those unforeseen circumstances.


How to start investing this 2020 to achieve financial freedom

Aim for financial freedom this 2020. Here’s how you can start investing this year!